SERVICES provides tailored job placement services. We will work together with you to provide appropriate capacity solutions for your company or organisation. Be that project-based staffing or permanent employment. Our candidates have many years' experience in such a dynamic organisation as the Armed Forces. They aim to achieve operational excellence in all circumstances.


Defence industry, Technology, ICT, Logistics & Maintenance, ILS and Healthcare.


As an employment agency, assists companies to recruit and select the right candidate for a permanent position. You give us a clear profile of the required candidate and the position to be filled, and you can leave the rest to us. Our extensive portfolio of candidates and our extensive knowledge of the defence network ensures we can find a good match quickly. Suitable candidates also know where to find us. Besides a candidate's professional qualifications, we also take their personality and competencies into consideration to ensure they match the client's culture well.

Are you seeking a suitable candidate to fill a particular vacancy? We can help you with the selection procedure.

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Are you seeking to fill a position on a project basis? We have a range of candidates with relevant work experience in various fields.

Our project managers - whether interim or otherwise - are used to providing leadership, taking the initiative, and purposefully accomplishing a project. They acquired their expertise and talents with the Armed Forces, where they became specialists at the highest level. During their military career, moreover, they were trained in results orientation, providing and receiving leadership, teamwork and a winning spirit. Example job roles include Project Manager, Project Leader, Programme Manager and Line/Department Manager, as well as specialisations in the fields of ILS, technology and logistics.

If you are seeking extra capacity, we would be only too happy to find the solution for you.

Please contact us for an offer without any obligation.
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